Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Drudgery is for grown-ups

Most of my major character flaws are best on display at tax time. I am a procrastinator, a whiner, disorganized and I have the attention span of a mosquito. My taxes have always been a little complicated and now that I have a business they are a disaster! I tried but (as usual) I ended up needing my Mother. She came through for me in a grand gesture of benevolent self-sacrifice and drove to Massachusetts to get me sorted out and boost morale. Now, I am thrilled to say we've finished up all that crapola and can get back to having fun. The burden of numbers, cheap newsprint paper booklets and anxiety has been lifted off my shoulders for another year. Hooray!

The above image is one of my Yes! cards. I think I'll send one to my Mom.


Anonymous said...

where would we be without our moms?

Michelle Engel Bencsko said...

There is an H&R Block commercial where a man and woman are standing at a bus stop and he simply says "hi" to her and she freaks out and says "I know, I know I'm late with my taxes! Stop harassing me!!" I'm paraphrasing, I believe, but essentially that is exactly what I feel.