Tuesday, April 08, 2008

His & Hers

I made this towel trio over a year ago for the "Domus" show at the 301 Gallery that my friend Katy curated. I had been out of school for a little while and was feeling uninspired when she asked me to be in a show out of the blue. She wanted work that fit a domestic theme and thought my stuff would be good. I was taken off guard and was embarrassed to admit that I hadn't made anything since leaving school.

Her invitation to the show sent me into a panic-driven spree of crafting and I worked nonstop on towels and rugs and dishes for the gallery. She basically got me going again after a slump.

I always intended to include a few of the items from the show in my shop but I delayed for ages since I really didn't know how to explain or market them. The towels are meant to be hung on the wall as art but... ummm... they're towels. So, I just kept them stored away in a box.

Today, I was cleaning a little and decided to just go ahead and offer them for sale without a whole bunch of artistic explanation to accompany them in the listing. They are what they are. Hopefully people find them thoughtful and funny. I think going to art school made me feel like everything I make needs to be supported by a lengthy statement but I'm beginning to think that isn't always the case and my heart has opened to frivolity.


Heather Buchanan said...

Those towels are amazing! I love them. I hope they find a nice home somewhere.

Michelle Engel Bencsko said...

I added it to my favorites and will keep a sharp eye on their status. I think I love the ampersand more than anything. These are brilliant!

Anonymous said...

hey elise!
this is your friend Steve!
next time you are at your computer look at the 7 key!

Elise of Argyle Whale said...

Hi Steve! It took me about an hour to figure out what you were getting at but... damn! Now you are hired as my publicist AND editor.

Anonymous said...

The towels are so charming and witty!

Anonymous said...

mysterious comments are always the best way to go.


Kim Bagwill said...


Ashley Anna Brown said...

Dear Elise,
Blogs are so weird because I have been reading your writings since you first started this blog, but you probably didn't know it. I read it, and talk about it with Justin because I think you are great and make some very good points. I totally have the same problem with making stuff and feeling like everything needs some great explanation or meaning. I mean, really, my entire body of work at Montserrat was so loaded... and now I make little animals just because they're cute? Yes, that's the only reason. It's hard to own up to sometimes though. It's hard to feel like its okay that this is the form of art I make everyday. Reading that you are often dealing with similar things I am dealing with makes me feel good and not so alone. We should stay in better touch. But, I'm not good at that either. (I was supposed to go to the opening you mentioned in a later post, but failed. Ah, well...)
I hope you're well. Miss you. You've always made me laugh and feel good.

(Sorry this turned out to be more like an email than a blog comment!)