Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Elephant shoes

I went to the mall the other day (a remarkable statement in itself) to find a new spring jacket. Of course that is too much to ask and the retail world is already selling bikinis and such. Booo! The whole trip was made worthwhile by a mega-score I found when I was in J.Crew. I'd been admiring their rain boots for ages but since they were over fifty dollars they were too much of a splurge since I already own a pair of (hideous) rain shoes. I stopped in again and to my utter delight they'd been marked down to sixteen dollars! Yes!

Big gray galoshes with tiny pink elephants scattered about are now mine! Just in time too because we had a big rainstorm today. I wore them out around town and felt quite giddy in with my bright blue umbrella and gray raincoat.

I was thinking about how a pair of fun rain boots can really take the gloom off a drizzly day. I imagined I'd like to be a rain boot designer since I'm always imagining crazy niche jobs that would be fun. I made a few quick rainboot designs for you to laugh at. I would probably wear all of them except number three. Number three is really obnoxious even if I found some spectacular fonts.

1. Scallop trim boot top is part of a cloud. There are lots of raindrops falling from the cloud. These should be lime green with ice blue droplets and a white cloud.

2. These are ridiculous and supposed to look like someone stuck their feet into a fishbowl. I fully embrace the tackiness.

3. Splish! Splash! I hate these boots and I'm mad that they came from my brain. They remind me of those terrible Jordache tees that have script handwriting on them and a rose on a piano and all the words are "love" in different languages. Bleugh!

4. Tiny red mushrooms releasing a cloud of spores. Kawaii!

5. Angry tiger faces shooting lightning bolts up the leg. I heard cats don't like to get wet.

6. Earthworms. I don't care if it's gross; rain begets big bloated earthworms. I think I'd like the worms to glow in the dark.

7. Rope and tassels. For those living the nautical lifestyle.


Anonymous said...

You know, for the last two days I've been really jealous of my 3 year old prancing around in the rain in her pink butterfly rainboots that I just got her and now I'm jealous of you. I want rainboots too!

I would take the red mushroom sporing ones!

Tastes Like Snozzberries said...

Happy Birthday! I'm so sick of being older than everybody! :)


kathryn said...

have you seen this website? you can design boots there!

Anonymous said...

Spring/Summer is my favorite season. Done lots of shopping for this season from JCrew . Well, those shoes are best for a rainy season.