Friday, May 23, 2008

new schedule and new treasures

Yesterday was the start of my new work schedule. I'm working much less at the bakery and much more on the cafe renovation. I am starting to have a regular sleep schedule for the first time in nearly two years because I gave up my early morning shifts and will be working evenings from now on. I am now officially a night person. I am hoping that keeping regular hours will help me develop a routine and healthy habits since normally I live in a constant state of chaos.

I'm doing all those spring things that signify a fresh start. I cleaned out my closet and headed to the Salvation Army with two garbage bags full of clothes and returned home with a bundle of new (to me) treasures. I was definitely on my game as a champion thrift-store prowler and I left with one pair of shiny gold ballet flats, a green skirt, four simple cotton tops, two pairs of corduroy pants (for Justin) and a pretty yellow pinch pot with matching pinch plate from someone's pottery class (pictured). My grand total was $21.55! Pretty spectacular scavenging if I do say so myself!

While cleaning out my closet, I found a couple of shirts that are nicely patterned but make me look sausagey so I'm going to cut them up and try making them into handy zippered pouches with the help of this tutorial from Sara (GirlsCanTell).

I am staying up very late tonight sorting my desk and sewing... because I can.


Christine said...

You go girl :o)

Michelle Engel Bencsko said...

Nice catch!
Spring is awesome.

Unknown said...

Good for you...give some, get some. :)