Saturday, May 24, 2008

Sketchbook snippets

While I was toiling away at my submission for Etsy's Design Face-off, I took a couple quick brain-refreshing doodle breaks. I probably won't do anything with them but they made Justin laugh so much that I thought I should share.

The first doodle of "the spirit of Etsy" makes me smile and think of the simpler times on Etsy when the rules of the site were pretty much open to interpretation. The "spirit of Etsy" policy was messy and abused but was so sweetly optimistic that I loved it a little.

The second doodle, "Mail time! Thriller dance!" is pretty much an illustration of myself every day at 2:00. I love mail time. When I get that magic stimulus check I'm going to dance like there is no tomorrow.


Christine said...

I hope Justin has the camcorder going when that muchly-anticipated check arrives. I'd love to see YOU dance like the groovy girl in the video :o)

Daniellexo said...

Ahhh the "spirit" :) I miss it so.

Love the mailbox dance - I've definitely had that little jig going the last week :)

idyll hands said...

Oh man, I love the mailbox "Thriller" dance. I can't wait to get home from work each day so I can check the mail.