Sunday, September 14, 2008

"Kraken Down on Piracy"

This print marks the first time I've had a miserable time printing. I ended up having to use two screens and four bulbs to get one decent burn. Gocco supplies are pricey and hard to come by so I was pretty disgruntled. Even after burning the second screen, the whole thing was a little mis-registered and each print took extra attention to get it right.

I think it is worth it though and I'm really pleased with the way that (most of) the prints turned out. I think "Kraken Down on Piracy" may have missed it's heyday in trendy squid and pirate imagery by a year or two, but, I hope it's fun enough to sell well without having to rely on the popularity of nautical themes. I was originally going to print it on midnight blue paper but when I was cleaning my screen on a piece of tan paper towel, I saw that the turquoise and tan lent the drawing a nice nostalgic feel that I think complimented my handwritten lettering. Printing this was surely troublesome so I'm glad I had a happy accident that made it better.

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Nosideup said...

I would love a Gocco print set. But then i can't invest in one yet. I absolutely adore your work (specilly when the rabbits help). genius!