Wednesday, September 10, 2008

little bird network

Some very special things I would have otherwise missed have been brought to my attention recently from a handful of very considerate folk.

First, Andrea's sharp eyes spotted my scarf bunny patch in a photo that was featured on Craft Magazine's blog. The photo was of a great display idea that Brittni of Paper and Stitch uses in her home and I was tickled to see that she had pinned scarf bunny to her wall full of sweet things.

Then, Jessica Jane dropped me a note to let me know that she had seen that Kate from For Me, For You was a guest shopper for The Storque and that she'd picked My "Nom Nom Nom" print as one of her favorite items. Jessica is the creator of the pretty polymer birds that I used in the above photo.

Liz of Made in Lowell saw my "bunnies adrift" print on the front page of Etsy and even sent me a screen shot of my moment of fame!

I just wanted to say how much I appreciate it when I get a heads up like this. It is so nice and thoughtful! Considering how good it has made me feel, I've realized that it is a simple thing to do that generates a large amount of giddiness and I'll try to follow their lead and do the same for others. Michelle of Cicada Studio was the first person to ever alert me to a feature and she has been on a very high pedestal ever since.

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Michelle Engel Bencsko said...

We got your back, hun!