Tuesday, September 09, 2008

What luck!

I rarely check Etsy's Treasury but sometimes I can't help to look through 25 pages of lists to see if someone has curated one of my items into their collection. Today I went to take a peek and was in disbelief when I found that there was a spot available for me in the treasury to make my own list! If you are not familiar with this process, let me just say that it is nearly impossible to score a treasury and people stalk the spots and pounce when one opens. I was googly-eyed and confused for a minute (which usually is just enough time to have the spot swiped from you) but then I remembered how I'd been marveling at hats lately so I decided to make a treasury called "Top it off!"

I would love to have a grand collection of things to put in my hair because every once in a while, I like to add a bit of fancy drama to my simple clothes and haircut. Millinery is one of the many crafts I'd love to learn.

Update: Double luck! My treasury made it to Etsy's front page today! Sadly, due to a technical glitch, my title was changed (to "Zombie Apocolypse" of all things) and someone else was cited as the curator. It's still pretty neat though.


Andrea said...

Hi Elise,

I'm sure you read the Craftzine blog, but I just wanted to let you know that I noticed your bunnies were in a post today:


Kim Bagwill said...

Great treasury! That happened to me, too! And as it was slow at work, I spent way too much time putting one together.

Nosideup said...

I had my first treasury too!
You are ace, by the way.
keep up the good work, you and the bunnies.

Anonymous said...

oooh! such a nice treasury, no wonder it front paged!
did you happen to notice my etsy find on fascinators? i'm obsessed lately: http://www.etsy.com/storque/section/spotlight/article/etsy-finds-viemoderne/2520/

my paypal account has taken a serious nosedive with all these beautiful head accessories lately...