Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Hodgiversary!

I hope my fellow countrymen had a pleasant Thanksgiving. Due to my work schedule, Justin and I were not able to celebrate with our family this year but instead we celebrated something else. Today was our Hodgiversary! Four years ago, Hodge (our big gray bunny) joined our family. Today we made him an extra special salad on a plate with apples and dried cranberries. Yoshimi ate most of it but Hodge got all the goodies first. I am very thankful for Hodge's soft fur, frumpy personality and his signature nose bumps. I hope we have many more Hodgiversaries together.


Fluffy Buns said...

Happy Hodgiversary Hodge! Apple is jealous of your apple and cranberry treats!

Christine said...

Happy Hodgiversary!! :o)