Sunday, November 30, 2008

I ate a wild mushroom omelette for breakfast

I stayed home sick today and kept out of the cold rain. I feel much much better now.

I had a pretty productive day for someone wrapped in blankets, confined to my office chair and working one-handed due to the other hand being constantly occupied by a mug of hot tea.

I've nearly completed the tedious task of putting a couple thousand prints into their individual cellophane sleeves with business cards as part of my attempt to streamline my shipping process. I also finished the long awaited "Danger for Breakfast" print which is now available in my shop.

The night is still young and I hope to print another something special before retiring. I'm all revved up with productivity now that Bazaar Bizarre is just around the corner.


Beth said...

too cute!

Michelle Engel Bencsko said...

Hope you're feeling better. I love this card.

BipolarBunny said...

My bunny eats danger for breakfast, too.

Kim Bagwill said...

I love this print! And I feel for your stuffing prints into bags -- that's seem to be all I'm doing these days as well. Good luck at Bazaar Bizarre!

Beetlegirl said...

That print is awesome. Over the six years of owning, and fawning over, our house rabbit, we finally like to believe our place is bunny proof. This means that half of the electronics we own have a bit of electrical tape on their cords. Of course, the bunny zone is now cord free. I truly believe rabbits have nine lives.

My bunny sends nose wiggles to your bunny(s).