Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I need advice.

I am trying to put work harder and expand Argyle Whale so that it can sustain me as a full time job but I seem to just be running around in the same circles just more frequently (ie Etsy, this blog, Flickr). I need to find new places to be seen. I especially need to find more boutiques to sell my items and new websites to advertise on. If you can think of any stores around the country or websites that you think my items would compliment, I would be grateful for the tips.

Here are some of the shops I already have in mind:
Renegade Handmade
Cog & Pearl, Brooklyn
Rare Device
Jenn and I made these nice little solicitation bundles (see pic above) with a letter, a journal and some notecards to send out to the shops and hopefully peak their interest.

Here are a few sites I plan to use to get myself seen a little more:
Pika Package
Illustration Friday
Paper and Stitch

Any advice on how to proceed or hints to where my items would be welcomed are gratefully accepted!


Kelley said...

How about...

2 store I walk by everyday on my way to work:
Candystore {http://www.candystorecollective.com/}
Needles and Pens {http://www.needles-pens.com/}

A store in Oakland right by where I used to live:
Rock, Paper, Scissors {http://www.rpscollective.com/}

A store from which I've received many cute things:
Curiosity Shoppe {http://www.curiosityshoppeonline.com/}

All of these are in the Bay Area of CA :)

Christine said...

I'm sure there are several little shops right in your neighborhood that would love to sell your wares (i.e. the tea shoppe; the store I bought that "blah, blah, blah, wire sign for A.P., etc.) You live in a perfect town to do such a thing but I'm sure you thought of that already :o)

brandi said...

There's a cute stationery store here in Asheville, NC, that I just love called Write On. They have all kinds of little notebooks and cards, but I don't know how they get their stock. They're listed on this site:


Holly Bartos said...

I've done pika package in the past and thought it was fun, and I got some traffic from it. I'm planning to do it myself in February again, along with The Little Black Box. Not sure on which shops to try...I haven't really ventured into that just yet. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

I'll be curious to hear how those other outlets fare for you. Emailing you a storefront suggestion for you to consider contacting...

Vairi said...

There's a lovely shop in Edinburgh that I imagine would love to stock your things. It's called The Red Door Gallery (http://www.edinburghart.com).

Hilary Blackwood said...

Well, this isn't much but I've got you linked on my blog. I enjoy your stuff so very much, as far as advertising, do you send out business cards with ALL your outgoing mail? Bills, letters? Are there any local bulletin boards at restaurants and coffee shops where you could place a business card to drive more people to your site? Place a card in your library books when returning them. Throw yourself out there. But most of all good luck!

Kathleen said...

I'm not sure where they get their stock, either, but there's a very cute little stationary store near me that I think should definitely have some mole-skines, etc. :) Their website is mostly "under construction," but the contact info is here: http://fatcatpaperie.com/contact.html.

Michelle Engel Bencsko said...

Just thinking along different lines, but have you ever considered licensing your work? I am no expert and can offer little advice on how to go about it, but your imagery would be so perfect for a variety of products- might be worth pursuing.

Anonymous said...

Catbird in NY, Freewilliamsburg.com, Delimagazine, basically walk up and down Bedford Ave in williamsburg Brooklyn and you'll find like 20 please.....also a few cute indie books stores in Green Point that carry stationary...

Ashley Anna Brown said...

Hi Elise! Catching up on my blog reading, and I have a couple suggestions for you: Cinders in Brooklyn, PaperBoat in Milwaukee (Faythe Levine's shop), Motel in Portland (though I think they may only sell items by artists they've exhibited - try that too!) Goodluck!