Monday, December 15, 2008

Ok, the explosion is sort of a pop.

I'm working on it though. I mentioned that Argyle Whale would be exploding soon since I'm putting so much more energy into the business but, of course, these things take time and generally slowly build instead of becoming huge because I say so. But, I am happy to report a gentle expansion in my web presence due to me joining Twitter. I really like using Twitter so far but it makes me feel a little exposed. These fun internet pursuits seem to make things awfully convenient for stalker-types so I would like to make a stalker-deterring statement to make myself feel more comfortable.

I have acne, a muffin top and a ferocious husband!

That should do it.

Now, I would be so pleased if the rest of you who were not deterred by the above proclamation would follow me on Twitter and I'll follow you back and we can run around in chatty circles!

This is me:
The button above was made by Ainsmar.

There's more! I just did an interview for Maria of NoSideUp which you can see here. Maria is so talented and I'm very thankful that she took the time to feature me on her blog.

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Unknown said...

Gasp! I'm so excited you have decided to join the Twitter army! I am now running off to follow you so I can stalk you. I mean, read what you have to say in a very normal, non-stalkerish way.