Sunday, December 14, 2008

Latke Coma

I made a latke-inspired dinner last night and added parsnips and sweet potato shavings to the traditional potato mix. I also baked apples and made my very own applesauce as an accompaniment. It was so good that I completely overindulged and fell soundly asleep on the couch at 8:30 while trying to watch a movie leaving a huge mess in the kitchen. I also never got around to cleaning up after all my printing earlier in the day. My home is a disaster and to tell the truth, I still haven't completely recuperated from the chaos that surrounded preparing for the Bazaar Bizarre (shown above).

I have made myself an energetic mix of music and I'm going to wrap my hair in a bandanna and scrub until my place sparkles. This is the first step of my process of making my home a more efficient studio. If my home is to be my new workspace, I need to treat it as well as I would if I had a boss watching over me. You know I'm serious about this because I asked for a filing cabinet for Christmas!


Angela said...

Loooooooove latkes.

I like what looks like the remnants of your BazBiz dislay, too! The scalloped table cover and the banner are cute.

Beth said...

hope you get lots accomplished!

idyll hands said...

I love that a file cabinet makes it serious. Maybe that's what I'm missing!