Saturday, December 13, 2008

strawberry-munching mini bunny love notes

I can add my newest card set to the long list of items that Hodge and Yoshimi (my bunny companions) have inspired. They are endlessly producing adorable scenes that I feel compelled to share. The formation illustrated in these bunny-heart cards is seen pretty regularly in my home when Hodge and Yoshimi are sharing a treat. Though, they look only vaguely heartlike in real life because Hodge is more than double Yoshimi's size so their heart shape is awfully lop-sided (heh. Hodge is a lop-ear as a matter of fact).

Today will be rabbit-centric as I have also decided to begin printing my second (and a little different) edition of "bunnies adrift" as well. Bunny days are my favorite kind.

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Blackfeatherfarm said...

So charming and clever !