Monday, January 19, 2009


This drawing marks the second time in a row where I've designed a Valentine's card specifically for Justin and then couldn't help but cheapen the sentiment a tiny bit by printing up a whole bunch more for sale. Of course, he doesn't care but I feel a bit dirty.

Last year I made him the "Wii Belong Together" valentine and this year I made an image that oozes with classic romantic imagery like swans, stars, script handwriting and an elegant swirly border. But the truth is, well constructed romantic scenes with candlelight and soft music have always made us laugh self-consciously so I had to make this swan valentine less mushy so Justin wouldn't wince.

I changed the expression on the big swan's face to a look of surprise and added his exclaimation, "Gah! Your feet are like icicles" because I can't think of many simpler expressions of love than allowing your partner to snuggle up to you even when their icy appendages make you shiver.

Random trivia: The swan's quote is from one of our favorite movies (Sophia Coppola's Marie Antoinette) during the one of the excruciatingly awkward bedroom scenes between Marie Antoinette and King Louis.

I'll be adding a white version of these swan prints to my shop tomorrow.


jessicajane said...

cute! i love swans....and i always come to bed after my husband..and my feet are always freezing...needless to say, i get grunted at. haha.

Anonymous said...

Oh, this is definitely adorable. I love the swirlies. ;) And I agree, that definitely says love! Your stuff is so creative and sweet. It makes me smile. :)

Christine said...

I guess our honeymoon is over because I (like jessicajane) go to bed after Scott and he NEVER lets me put my freezing feet on him anymore. Sometimes he even makes me put socks on :o]

ink and ginger said...

That's adorable.

Kim Bagwill said...

I feel better. Last year for Mincy's birthday - I designed my laser-eyed chicken card, then promptly put it in my etsy shop. My girlfriend is always needing specific cards designed, and they go into the shop as well. We probably all work better with a deadline. ;)

tokyobunnie said...

Haha I love this!!