Friday, February 27, 2009

Today had a delicious filling.

This morning I woke up with a headache that made me worry my right eye was in danger of popping out. I don't like beginning the day like that so I took a short nap in hopes of starting fresh in a couple of hours. I'm so glad I did because Justin woke me up with coffee and a little brownie and miraculously my headache vanished!

Newly pain free and satisfied with my treats, I was able to appreciate the warmest sunniest day I've seen in a long time. My home was freshened by the breeze and I even bought some bright pink daisies to enjoy. Hodge and Yoshimi seemed especially content napping in a patch of sunlight. I soaked up all the richness of the fine weather and now it's nearly 6:00 and I'm just starting to get to work.

Today started with pain and will end with loathsome paperwork but I'm so happy that the middle was filled with goodness!

PS: Did anyone notice that my photos look crisp and bright? Justin got a really nice camera for his birthday and I think it has made all the difference!


Absolutely Small said...

Gorgeous photos! (And the little vampire print from the last post- too cute!!)

Sarah Golden/craftyFOLK said...

Those photos look quite amazing. As do the bunnies and that beautiful french press of coffee!
Lucky gal to have the husband receive a useful gift for you too:)

Anonymous said...

I can totally tell the difference in your photos! I'm glad the camera is getting good use already. ;)

ink and ginger said...

Mm, I love a good french press. What kind of camera did Justin get? The photos are fantastico.

Elise of Argyle Whale said...

I'm so glad you noticed a difference. I was afraid it could have been in my head a bit. Justin got a Nikon D40 (the classic intro to professional grade cameras).I love it so!