Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Big happenings this weekend. RENEGADE!

Today is my last full day of work before heading off to New York City as a vendor at The Renegade Craft Fair! I have been crazy nervous for weeks while I tried to amass inventory, work on my display and get a credit card machine. It's all coming together just in time and I'm finally feeling genuine excitement. I am so very thankful that I am able to participate in Renegade this year! I have actually had this as a goal in my mind before I even had a business! There are so many makers that will be showing at Renegade who I hold in such high regard that I am proud to be beside them. This is by far the biggest event I've ever been a part of!

Are any of you fine blog followers going to be selling or shopping there? Please let me know so I can look forward to meeting you!


Jess littlebunny.etsy.com said...

I'll be shopping! I'll definitely stop by and say hello!

Christine said...

Wow, it's finally here and I'm certain that all of your hard work in preparation will pay off BIG time. Have fun!

Unknown said...

It sounds amazing, I'd love to go if I ever got the chance to go to america :)
have fun, sell lots and take some pictures!

into the trees said...

renegade...how exciting! I wish I could make it out there. And I've been meaning to ask you if you've checked out or might even be selling at SOWA out in the South End? I keep missing out, but hopefully I'll get a table sometime before it ends in October. hooray for craft fairs! <3

Missy said...

You should try the craft shows here in Athens or Atlanta!

whitepaw said...

Hi Elise. I stopped by your booth today + bought a little bunny lunch bag. I love it! Everything looked so sweet, you really did a great job!

brittni of papernstitch said...

good luck! i am sure it will be wonderful.

Michelle said...

Hope your Renegade was AWESOME! I had loads of fun and would do it again in a heart-beat. I speed-walked around the track saturday evening, totally overwhelmed by all the crazy-awesome booths. I looked for you, but I didn't find your booth in my whirlwind tour. I also completely missed everything that was at the park across the street. Ah well. Hope you're enjoying resting up after months of prepping!

MarmeeCraft said...

Alas, we are no where near there...but if I was I would certainly stop in and buy bunches!! I love your pretties!

Best wishes for your booth!! I'm sure you did amazingly!! :)

Elise of Argyle Whale said...

Jess, I was so happy to meet you. Hope you had a fun time.

Heather, that would be fun! Sadly, I don't think I can manage a tent fair without a car. Hopefully by next year that won't be a problem.

I'd love to go south even just for fun!Can I meet oreo?

Thank you for stopping by and for all the kind internet-promotion you did after the fair!

I missed your booth too! what the heck? I had totally intended to visit.

Big thanks Marjorie, Brittni, Christine and Annabel for the well wishes!