Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Ok, I'm ready to talk.

Ohhh I have been a very bad blogger. Sometimes, I have so much that I need to talk about that I feel overwhelmed and put it off. But, silly girl, the passage of time leads to much more stuff that piles up needing to be talked about! So, instead of infinite procrastination, I'm opting to write tiny manageable tidbits so I can get back on track. I know most of these things are deserving of their own thorough post but I simply do not have the stamina at the moment. I am also going to go ahead and blame Twitter for making writing full paragraphs seem like hard work.

Renegade Craft Fair, Brooklyn, NY: Holy woah! This fair was fun city. Justin and I had a super time and met so many people we internet-adored who we now IRL-adore! I ate corn-on-a-stick for the first time and loved it a lot. I also celebrity-spotted Paul Dano. I made only a little bit of money but ended up pirate-rich in trades! I'm blaming Renegade for my current state of lethargy. I did months of work preparing and the event was so energy-sapping that I needed to recuperate for a week or two. I'm that delicate! Here are some photos: flickr

Mass Market, Boston, MA: This fair was my Renegade remedy. It was a small but well attended event that felt very friendly and relaxed. I finally got to hang out a little with Alice of Forest Bound and Francesca and met a nice new person who happens to also be named Elise.

Tattoo: I got my very first tattoo! It is, of course, bunny related. Here is a photo: flickr. Turns out, it's true what people say about tattoos being addictive; I'm already thinking about my next one.

The Internet: Soon I'll be spreading myself all over the internet (Goodness! That sounds racy!). I was invited to be a guest writer for both Hello Craft and North Shore Art Throb. I am feeling my usual combination of both excited and nervous. I'm excited to be sharing with a much wider audience but I'm nervous about writing for someone else's site and using PROPER PUNCTUATION!

Also, I have the honor of being this weeks "Artsy Wonderbug" on my friend Leah's website today. Please head over to read my little interview here.

Snorg Tees: My very exciting opportunity to have some of my designs turned into tshirts for Snorg is still slowly coming along. They will be made soon though and I can't wait!

What now?: Yes, this post has been catching up on the past but what I'm really excited about is what is coming up in the next few weeks. Nothingness! Yes, it's true, my fair season is over and my commitments are dwindling. I finally should be able to have time to make some new things! It has pained me to put fresh ideas on hold so that I could complete tasks like set up credit card processing accounts and make signs for my fair display. My next post will be all about what has been brewing in my mind for weeks and I'll be able to show off a couple projects in progress.

Now I'm wondering why I put off writing for so long. I enjoyed that.


Poke Salad Annie said...

so many exciting things!
that has to be one of the coolest tattoos i have yet seen, and i'm a bit of a connoisseur. love it!

Christine said...

Welcome Back - I was so excited when I saw your post on Twitter that you actually Blogged, I ran right over to check it out. Very exciting stuff (but I already knew that :o) It's still fun to read it. Thanks for sharing.

Daphne said...

i spy in this photo an insanely cute "nom nom nom" bag...

Elise said...

It was so nice to meet you too! I am giddy over my pieces, they make me smile daily (much needed).


(ps i am @aquale on twitter, totally forgot to tell you in person)

Pang said...

welcome back!

Orchid Grey said...

let's hang out!
-Julie O.

Elise of Argyle Whale said...

Thanks for the nice compliments!

daphne, I sold out of those lunchbags but they were such a hit that I must make more soon.

Hi Elise! That is good to know as I'd have never sleuthed that out.

Julie! Yes! I was thinking about starting up the Friday thing next Friday. Hows that?

Shalyn said...

I wish I was able to go to the MassMarket in Boston! Ugh, I miss all the cool stuff. lol