Wednesday, September 22, 2010

alumni printmaking night enthusiasm!

I graduated from Montserrat College of Art a whopping four years ago and though I loved my time there, I hadn't been back much since. That was the case until I was invited to attend the new best thing in my life... alumni printmaking studio night! Every Tuesday evening, I get to go back to one of my old favorite places and make some art with my friends!

One thing I wasn't expecting is that I couldn't really remember how to do different print methods or where to find supplies. Four years is a long time to try to recall which solvent cleans what ink and how much pressure does it take to make a nice clean monoprint.

I was very lucky that the coordinator is my friend Chris who is super knowledgeable and a patient teacher and that Chelsea wanted to complete her etching/aquatint project and needed him to show her the steps. I tagged along while he showed her and I got to learn a new process! Next week I'll be ready with my own plate to etch. I think it will be a hedgehog!

I can't wait until next Tuesday!

The above photos were my way of taking notes. If you visit my Flickr, you can get a better description of what is going on in each picture. Also, if you were wondering what kind of creature is etched in Chelsea's plate, it is an aardwolf and they are neat. Here is a video of an aardwolf eating a bowl of termites.

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