Saturday, October 30, 2010

What the right side of the bed feels like:

I feel unstoppable today!

Maybe it is because I spent all last night playfully puttering with acrylic paints or maybe it is because I just finished the most wholly satisfying breakfast.

I even woke up early and watched two squirrels have crazy-fun-times zipping up and down our tree.

I'm not sure why today already feels better than any day in recent memory but I'm going to ride this wave of optimism and confidence for as long as it lasts. I've got paintings to finish and pumpkin muffins to bake.

In conclusion, FIST PUMP!


Jessa said...

There are few things more encouraging and satisfying than the start of a really good day - especially when there really isn't any good reason for it. Yay for being in a good place!! I'll be fist pumping right next to you... As soon as I rescue the family of stray kitties in our back yard.

hmstrjam said...

belly smack!

Julie said...

If I ever find time to paint it ALWAYS makes my day. A good breakfast doesn't hurt either. Three cheers for unstoppable days!!