Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Sightings of Elise in the wild:

I've always been the indoorsy type. I like to spend my time drawing and cooking and internet-ing and napping and bunny petting. The truth is, I don't get out much. In an effort to be a more well rounded and healthy person, I've begun to pry myself out of my cozy home and get out in the fresh air! While I still need some convincing to take my slippers off in favor of hiking boots, I've really enjoyed my latest outdoor activities.

Ridiculous attempt at wood chopping at Gram and Gramp's house:

Day-tripping to Cider Hill Farm's orchard to pick our own apples:

Going on an edible foraging tour with expert plant-picker Russ Cohen:

It really is the best time of year to be in New England. I feel ashamed that it took a doctor telling me I have a vitamin D deficiency from lack of sunlight for me to "rustle my stumps" and take advantage of the non-paved areas nearby.

many more photos/descriptions of these excursions are over at my Flickr.


Unknown said...

That's right! Kiss that deficiency good-bye. Please don't go feral on us though.

Jess littlebunny.etsy.com said...

It's never too late to get out there! The wild edibles trip sounds awesome!! Though I have to say that I'm currently preparing for my hermit time of the year. November-February. During that time I try to avoid the outdoors and stay cozy with the dog and boyfriend in the house. : )

Bea Modisett said...

Apparently New Englanders have rampant Vitamin D deficiencies, while denizens of the Western part of this great country have more cases of skin cancer...so...yes. That said I too have a vitamin D deficiency.