Wednesday, April 06, 2011

I hope nobody noticed.

Maybe somebody noticed my upholstery tutorial has become a cliffhanger. I feel like a big jerk if there is someone out there with a half done dining chair out there patiently waiting for part two. The reason for the delay is that I did the tutorial before asking my boss if he cared if I wrote about the process. When I casually mentioned what I was up to, he seemed to not like that I was telling people how to do the thing that we make a living off of. He is a reasonable person so I think he will come around. When he does, I will post part two. He seems to be the type of person who has a negative reaction to new things at first but gradually warms up to them. In contrast, I'm often overly optimistic at the the beginning of an idea and tend to regret things down the line. So, If your chairs still have their clothes on, please keep them covered until further notice.

I accompanied this post with a picture of Hodge and Yoshimi to manipulate you into not being annoyed at me for the tutorial delay. It is my patented "bunny buffer" technique. I wonder if it works online as well as it does at home.

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