Monday, April 11, 2011

Addicted to Love

I really want to make a good showing at Renegade Brooklyn this June so I've been busy drawing and printing new designs. My friend Ashley did printmaking in college and has been helping a bunch. Last week we had both Goccos going at the same time. It is so nice to work with her because time flies on the stationery assembly line. The best part is that good company and hard work is the perfect excuse to order PIZZA!

Last week we printed these dik dik cards. I've been meaning to create a design featuring the dik dik ever since Justin showed me one on Cute Overload. They are the most petite, flirty eyelashed, tufty headed little African antelopes you will ever see.

As sweet as the sentiment is, the idea was born from pure pain. At work we always listen to the same 60s/70s/80s radio station and despite the diversity of those thirty years, the DJs play the same small bunch of songs daily. At first it was fine. I enjoyed a little Elton John and Bruce Springsteen and tolerated the Fleetwood Mac moments with grace but eventually the predictability started to grump me out. I would seethe silently that "the boys are back in town" twice a day for the past six months. Anyone who does not have control of the music in their workplace understands the way a sweet sentiment like "you've got a friend" can seem like a personal attack on your happiness when heard too often.

Instead of letting this situation turn me evil crazy, I decided to modify the tunes in my mind to keep me amused. Retreating to my imagination to deal with an annoying situation is the kind of crazy that I embrace. "Addicted to love" is one song that wormed it's way into my ear a few times too many and I was able to enjoy the song ten times more if I deliberately misheard the lyrics for entertainment. "Might as well face it you're a dik dik to love" is a song I'd be happy to hear over and over again. There are plenty more songs that I've bent to my liking. Maybe I should draw them all in case somebody else has to listen to WROR in the morning.

Speaking of work, I now have permission from my boss to post all the upholstery tutorials I want so check back soon for part two of my dining chair recovery mission.

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Sarah said...

I love this card so much! Hearing D.Attenborough say "dik dik" in LifeOfMammals is one of my favorite television moments, ever.

I wish I could go to Renegade this year! I have a fair in RI on Saturday so I don't think I can swing it but I hope you take tons of photos and have an amazing time!