Saturday, February 02, 2008

Sprout anemone sandwich

I never thought sprouts would be so delicious! How did I manage to get through twenty-three years of life without ever truly enjoying a mouthful of these crisp little strings?

In an endeavor to start earing healthier, I bought a bunch of produce that I don't normally buy to see if they could be incorporated into my regular diet. Sprouts completely rocked my face! I've been eating a huge pile of them between slices of garlic sourdough spread with artichoke hummus a few times a week. I just thought I'd share my enthusiasm and hopefully encourage more sprout enthusiasts. My upstairs neighbor is a wizard at growing things and she wants to help me grow my own in my windowsill. Neat! I feel healthier already (even after accompanying my sproutwich with a big pile of honey dijon potato chips).

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