Friday, February 01, 2008

Zimman's fabric fiesta!

I had a little free time today so I decided to take a trip to the fabric mecca that is Zimman's which is luckily only a couple of towns over. This place is huge and full of fabrics from around the world. I especially enjoy their bargain basement. Shockingly, I spent nearly two hours there and left with only a bolt of pure white cotton and a length of pom pom trim! I can't understand how it happened. I think I was feeling cheap and couldn't bring myself to pay thirty dollars a yard on anything (even that stylish argyle!). They also seemed to have less scandinavian style prints than usual.

While I was there I happened upon the chandelier of my dreams. It is so hard to find a chandelier that is the perfect shape, color and size for my bedroom but I did. I wish I hadn't seen it because I want it so bad now. It is over a thousand dollars so it's not even remotely close to ever becoming mine. But hey, a girl can dream.

A strange thing happened while I was burying myself in a pile of remnants in the bargain basement. I thought I smelled something burning. Now, my ultimate fear is to be caught in a fire, so I began looking around and following my nose. I was relieved to see that the smell seemed to be coming from a patch of soot-stained insulation poking out of the ceiling tiles from a previous fire. I assuaged my fears and continued browsing. I was pretty much done so I left and became overwhelmed by the smell when I hit the street. Holy mother of pearl! There was an actual fire right down the street and the fire trucks were just arriving. There looked to be lots of smoke but I didn't stick around to look. I'm wondering if I'll hear about it in the news tomorrow. Scary. This was a good reminder to always trust my nose.


gaff said...

I have started a new golf clothing line. I am in search for the brightest loudest argyle and plaid cotton designs ever made. Any help would be greatly appricieted.
Thanks Gaff

RoomThreads said...

Argyle seems to be the new thing for 2009. I'm also trying to find bright argyle and also and lime green.