Saturday, May 31, 2008

bunny day

I have had a bunny-centric day today. That is usually my favorite type of day but unfortunately, my bunny time was spent worried at the vets office because Yoshimi scratched her cornea (we suspect it's due to her furious hay burrowing). We received some drops and she is expected to have a good recovery if she doesn't fuss too much. Strangely, I can relate because I also scratched my cornea on some hay a couple of years ago and had to wear an eyepatch (don't I look mysterious?). The vet said it's strange how often she sees clients have the same afflictions as their pets.

I also printed up a ton of thank-you bunny cards from an older design that I'd sold out of. Reprinting is always kind of a drag because the screen is usually tough from the ink drying out and I just don't find much enjoyment in repeating a task. I love printing new designs but reprints are just plain work. At least printing gives me a chance to listen to my favorite programs. Whenever I work I'm listening to Radio Lab, This American Life or the TED talks. They keep my mind busy while my body is occupied with repetitive tasks and they keep me from getting lonely when Justin works late. I've been barreling through these show's episode archives so I need to start branching out to new programs. I'd love some recommendations!


Anonymous said... is what I listen to through long stretches of drawing. I highly recommend it, it is far more information about space than anyone should ever have to know, and is incredible for it. Also, dumbed down enough so that the general population (i.e. those of us without multiple PHd's) can understand what they're talking about, most of the time.

Beetlegirl said...

Sorry to hear about your bunny. Pesto, our wee fuzzy one, has been sneezing, and I think she is developing allergies to California. I think she misses her home state of Oregon as much as her people do.

Michelle Engel Bencsko said...

I usually just listen to music that I'm familiar with, so I can sing along (out loud or in my brain). Just helps the time go by faster for me. I hear ya on the whole repetitive task thing.