Friday, September 26, 2008


Photo by Rick Stevens/SMH

Well, I haven't posted in ages but that isn't because I didn't have anything to say. Justin went away on a trip and our computer decided that it couldn't live without him so I was left stranded, husband-less and internet-less until he came home. It was pretty lonely!

I have a handful of updates to catch up on before I can get back on track.

First, and most dramatic, is my decision to leave the Cinema Cafe project that I've been working on for months. It's pretty devastating to leave a job that I've put such a tremendous amount of energy into but I had to leave as an act of self preservation. I found out where the end of my rope was and how long I could go on being optimistic about a grand opening. I'm tying up loose ends this week and training their new manager but after that I'm washing my hands of the place. I learned a whole lot and I'm glad I did it (I think).

Then, I slinked back to my trusty old bakery job and I was given some work. It is so nice to be back at the bakery especially since it's apple tart season!

I also expect I'll be having a new job at a downtown natural baby goods store. I will be working on their displays and such so that will be fun. Babies are a bit out of my comfort zone but I know I'll adapt.

I hope that this job shift will leave me more time to focus on Argyle Whale. The Cafe was sucking so much of my time and creativity up that I barely had any left for the shop. My feelings are bittersweet but I'm optimistic that my creative pursuits will benefit from losing the cafe.


Jess (aka LittleBunny) said...

when one door closes another always opens! the baby store and working on the AW stuff sounds like a good alternative to the stress of the cinema cafe.

Anonymous said...

The baby store sounds like a great new challenge. Sorry to hear the cafe didn't work out to your expectations and I think it's brave to recognize when to cut your losses and move on. Look forward to hearing more about your new venture.

Michelle Engel Bencsko said...

Sounds like a change in the right direction. You seem in better spirits- a very good sign.

Good luck with the shift!