Monday, November 03, 2008

I've come down from the mountains.

My family trip to the Adirondacks is over and I had a really refreshing time.

We watched corny movies, played Scrabble, made baked apple french toast, visited an alpaca ranch and got some woolens, visited another farm where I was smooched by a llama and acquired some fine goat cheese. We went to an antique shop where Justin found me a super hand-cranking double-whirling whisk. I picked up some maple syrup and cider doughnuts too. I had the pleasure of sunbathing on a mossy rock and seeing a tiny deer.

I especially loved the scenic drive. Justin and I don't have a car so a nice long drive in the country is a big treat for us. We made some fine mixes and played them loudly for the whole five hours we traveled.

I'm easing back into my regular life by having a good snuggle with Hodge and Yoshimi who I missed very much.

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Anonymous said...

hehe. i want to be smooched by a llama!