Tuesday, November 08, 2011


Things are heating up at AWHQ (Argyle Whale headquarters... I can't pretend to be cool enough to acronym myself like everyone will know what I'm talking about).

I recently noticed that aside from going to craft fairs, I don't have much of a local presence for my art. That is just dumb. I should be neighborly and participate in the scene of my surrounding area instead of solely selling and sharing online.
The situation is being remedied. Argyle Whale IRL (that means in real life... people know that one right?) is coming to a gallery or shop near you if you are near me.

Washington Street Art Center- Somerville, MA (ok, this one is over because I had this post in draft mode too long)
Gallery Della Piana- Hamilton Wenham, MA for the animal themed show called The Beauty of the Beast
The Gallery at Porter Mill- Beverly, MA (This one is a pending maybe because it is up to the juror if I get in the show)

Pop up shops:
Concord Handmade- Concord, NH
GOLDMINE- Northampton, MA

Regular shops:
Magpie- Somerville, MA
ARCworks- Peabody, MA

Of course I'm doing a few craft fairs too. I kept the list a little slim because it is my first year as a Bazaar Bizarre organizer and I didn't want to have too many commitments.
Montserrat College of Art Holiday Sale- Beverly, MA on December 2nd
Bazaar Bizarre- Boston, MA on December 4th
Mass Market- Boston, MA on December 11th

I'm also running a handful of workshops at the ARCworks in Peabody!
The photo above is some sketching I'm doing for a secret project with Meagan.
This seems like a lot going on but next year I hope to be doing twice as much. Maybe three times as much. Must hustle.


Merritt said...

Don't you have some items in the shop at ArcWorks, too? :)

Elise of Argyle Whale said...

right! Of course. Consider it edited!