Thursday, November 03, 2011

Woodland Creature Project PART THREE v.1!

I bet some of you thought that there would never be a part three because I am very forgetful. Guess again! Get ready for the first of FIVE part threes! I'm dramatic like that. (catch up if you missed ONE and TWO)

I still have to work on getting the scanned version of this piece to more accurately represent the original but it is nearly done and may be a candidate for my first ever digital print for sale! Isn't it naaaasty? I like it. This spaghetti & chickadees is some dark shit for me.

I am having trouble deciding about all the white background. On one hand, I like not having any more information added because I think it would reduce the strangeness of the scene but I also think it could look unfinished. I welcome opinions on this matter.

Teaser: Woodland Creature Project PART THREE v.2 involves rum and maple syrup.

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Wilma said...

I love this series, your paints are so beautiful and funny